To say that the internet is overcrowded will be a gross understatement, there are over 1.2 billion websites jostling for space in there, and when you’re competing with that astronomical number, driving a decent amount of traffic from search engines to your website is indeed a challenging prospect.

This is where SEO tools step in, for a beginner or even an SEO pro this can be quite a daunting task and tools make our lives easier by eliminating half the workload for us. Imagine our state if we had to do everything by ourselves and that too manually, we’d have no time to breathe even! This doesn’t at all mean that marketing didn’t exist before the advent of SEO and its tools; it did exist but was a thing employed by the big players who put up grand advertisements on television, radio and print media to entice the customers, the small players however just stayed small with no avenue to advertise. But the game is played differently now, the internet and social media ensure that with the right campaign even the small player can zoom ahead of those big players.

We’ve mentioned a few million times already that with the right SEO your marketing campaign will shine brighter than any star. SEO is critical for everyone’s marketing campaign, right from online marketers, bloggers, small business owners to the companies that are a household name all across the world! But for the right SEO, you’ll need to have some right SEO tools as well to work some magic; but the question is which of these tools are best for SEO among the gazillion tools out there?

The problem with finding the right SEO tools is that the internet is overflowing with them, how do you know which of these tools are best for you? And most of us don’t have the time to try tons of tools before finding the best one and that alone will leave you feeling totally overwhelmed.

So we’ve decided that before 2017 ends we need a post that helps you find the best of the tools that rocked the SEO field this year; and unlike the previous monster list of SEO tools, we have just 10 of the best SEO tools which come highly recommended by industry experts and made SEO easier in 2017. Out of the gazillion tools out there, we feel these 10 are worthy of giving a shot at least once.

#1: Ahrefs

Helps in: Research and Analysis

Cost: Freemium

When you need to boost up your search rankings, there’s no tool better than Ahrefs to do the job for you and everyone from small business owners to thousands of online marketers, and SEO experts prefer this tool over all others.

And what’s better is you can look into their Site Explorer tool for an amazing backlink analysis tool. And there’s also their Content Explorer which helps you with searching the web for the most popular content for any topic or keyword

They also have a Keyword tool called Explorer 2.0. which gives you the search volume (global or country specific) for a particular keyword, overview of SERP and position history, related keyword ideas, and the difficulty level.

Since it’s a freemium tool, you’ll have to pay to avail some specific benefits and it starts at $99 per month with annual options. You can continue with your free account too, but it’ll have limitations. You can see how it works for you by taking up on the free trials that they offer for all plans.

#2: Seobility

Helps in: SEO Audit

Cost: Free/Paid

When you need to check how good or bad your website’s overall SEO optimization is , look no further than Seobility.

The 4 major features are:

SEO Check – This will check your website’s SEO; point out areas for improvement and advice you on how you can better search engine optimization.

Keyword Check – Your page has to be optimized for your target keyword(s), this tool will tell how well it has been optimized.

SEO Compare – This will evaluate and give you a comparison between 2 pages for a keyword term.

Ranking Check – This will check and let you know how well your page ranks for any keyword.

They do have a free plan which lets you use it for one domain only. You can also opt for the premium plans which start at $40 per month. They offer a 30-day free trial, why not try it out.

#3: Long Tail Pro

Helps in: Keyword Research

Cost: Paid

Long Tail pro is one of the best keyword research tools in the field of SEO. Earlier it was an application that had to be downloaded, but since they went through an ownership change it is now a cloud-based tool (meaning you can now use it in your browser). Trust us, not only will your work will be completed 10x faster it’ll also be 10x easier.

#4: SEM Rush

Helps in: Keyword + Competitor Research

Cost: Freemium

Stealth is a necessary tactic that you absolutely need when you’re doing SEO, you’ll need it to research your competition to find their best backlinks, their best keywords, their best content, and more and use it to up your SEO game. But you can’t do it alone, so SEM Rush gives you more than 20 ways with which you can do all those research on your competition.

It’s even helps with paid traffic and PPC.

#5: Pitchbox

Helps in: Outreach

Cost: Paid

You can’t really label Pitchbox as an SEO tool. But it’s a tool that simplifies the work by ensuring that your overall outreach efforts are 10x easier. They even have an email sequence feature which allows you to automatically set-up follow-up emails. This is the go-to tool when you are link building, because the outreach involved is huge and you definitely could use the kind of help Pitchbox pitches in, because you’ll get connections in a matter of seconds with pitchbox’s help. It also has a few other SEO features, like link monitoring.

This is a tool that’s quite expensive at $195 per month or more according to the plan you choose, but the advantage is that the plans allow multiple users. This is best suited for a large team or a company; use their 15-day free trial to see for yourself.

#6: SEOquake

Helps in: Competitor Research

Cost: Free

SEOquake, like MozBar is a free extension for your browser. The difference between the two is that SEOquake pulls up more of the page’s data.

Here’s a list of a few of page data or metrics it shows:

  • The number of (external) links.
  • Google index.
  • SEM Rush rank.
  • Alexa rank.
  • Webarchive age (domain age), etc.

This tool comes in very handy while researching your competitors or when you’re on the look-out for link building opportunities.

#7: Seed Keywords

Helps in: Keyword Research

Cost: Free

Seed Keywords is a really cool tool and not just because it’s completely free, here’s how it works:

First, you create a scenario by asking a question.

Example: “what would you search for if you were looking for tongs?”

Now you’ll get a unique URL, just share it with all your contacts as well as how many ever people as you can. Then, you wait.

People will start answering your question, and when you have enough people doing this you’ll have a list of legit search terms from real-life internet users.

#8: SEOptimer

Helps in: SEO Audit

Cost: Free

You have to check how well your SEO is doing from time to time; if you find out its bad then you can work on things and if it’s great, then don’t worry and keep doing what you’re doing.

SEOptimer will help you analyse the performance of your SEO campaign on your website with data on page metrics, like keyword usage and user experience (ex: speed and mobile responsiveness). You’ll also get off page metrics, like your backlink profile and Domain Authority (a Moz metric). This tool is the complete package because it even grades your website and gives you recommendations to improve.

#9: LinkMiner

Helps in: Link Building

Cost: Free

Imagine a link building tool that builds broken links like it’s on steroids. That’s LinkMiner for you in a nutshell. Unlike other more popular tools, LinkMiner doesn’t just tell you if a link works or not, it’ll give you more information about the broken link by pulling up data like Facebook Likes, DA and PA, backlink numbers from Moz, Ahrefs, or Majestic, and more. With this tool you can find out how popular that broken link is and build it again if it has a good amount of links from authority blogs.

#10: Authority Labs

Helps in: Rank Tracking

Cost: Paid

A rank tracking and SERP monitoring tool with a difference, Authority Labs stands out because it allows you to track results by country, city, or even postal code (something that was seldom done before) by giving you your whole keywords, their rank positions, and their search volume. And not just that, you can even track your competitors’ search rankings to find out their highest rankings and best keywords, knowledge which you can use to battle them for a top spot on page 1.

Other great features that are also included are mobile rank tracking, weekly and monthly reports, etc. With their plans starting at just $99 per month, we’d say it’s definitely a bargain. If you’re unsure, then start with the 30-day free trial that they offer.

Other Top SEO tools based on recommendations

  1. Übersuggest – When you’re tired of the limitations of the Google keyword planner, try this tool for keyword ideas that based on preference, are organized alphabetically and visually.
  2. Seobook’s Rank Checker – With this tool you can check and export target keyword rankings in Google and Yahoo! search results.
  3. Pingdom Website Speed Tool – Your website’s load times can affect your SEO adversely, so use Pingdom website speed tool to identify any issues in load times for your website. And it’s free also!
  4. Google Keyword Planner –Google has some great things in it’s tool kit and one of them happen to be this keyword tool with which you can look for keyword ideas and check how they can perform; meaning you can discover search terms that are generating enough search volumes on Google to be worth targeting. You’ll get more synonyms and variations of the niche keywords that you’re researching. (Actually The whole of Google Pack is a great addition to your tool kit –Google Adwords, Google Search Console and Google Analytics, all of these tools are useful when you need to create a strong SEO campaign).
  5. Open Site Explorer–Spot link building opportunities, research backlinks, identify top pages, view social activity, and analyze anchor text using just one tool – Open Site Explorer.
  6. Screaming Frog– Screaming Frog gives you data on how a site looks from a search engines perspective and then you can use this data to fix those issues.
  7. Monitor Backlinks– This tool provides you with information on any changes to your backlink profile, for example: how many backlinks were gained, how many lost, and backlinks that may have changed in status, like changing from dofollow to nofollow. It will also help you monitor your keyword rankings and find link building opportunities by keeping an eye on your competitors.
  8. Rival IQ– Rival IQ as its name suggests is an all-inclusive competitor research tool with which you can find their domain authority, number of backlinks, organic search traffic, SEO titles, meta descriptions, etc by just entering your competitors’ domain name. A perfect tool to conduct an SEO audit.
  9. Impactana– When you need to create content with SEO in mind, then look no further than this tool. Like in BuzzSumo, you can find content based on its popularity on social media with this tool. The difference between the two tools is that this will show you the most popular content in terms of number of links that it gained. So if you’re doubtful about backlink generating capability of a certain type of content, then use this tool to find out.
  10. AnswerThePublic– This free tool is much like a keyword research tool, but it also helps in generating content ideas based on a seed keyword. Relevance of a topic across a domain is an SEO necessity and this tool can help you in building that topic and can be used for both local and organic SEO.


Like it or not, the life of your online business depends on SEO, because how else will you get all the free organic traffic, leads, and customers. We can’t stress enough about the importance of rankings for your websites, if you want your business to shine among the others, you’ll need to buck up and use these tools to get better at playing this game of SEO. Go out there and get it before the year ends and start 2018 with a bang!

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