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Business owners, whether it’s a small business or a big one need a competitive edge over others to emerge victorious in the race to win the most number of sales. Most businesses which don’t end up thinking about this and working towards this goal usually end up in the bottom end of the barrel that is among the 80% of businesses that fail within 18 months. So, digital marketing is your ticket out of this particular quandary because the internet and

Anyone with a modicum of Digital marketing skills is a great asset in the field of marketing; in fact these skills are critical if you want to future proof our career. Your start-up might be well past those early days and now have a proper marketing team in place; but even the most successful entrepreneurs have observed that a working knowledge of each aspect of the business will provide you a boost in designing and executing your digital marketing campaigns. Speaking

To say that the internet is overcrowded will be a gross understatement, there are over 1.2 billion websites jostling for space in there, and when you’re competing with that astronomical number, driving a decent amount of traffic from search engines to your website is indeed a challenging prospect. This is where SEO tools step in, for a beginner or even an SEO pro this can be quite a daunting task and tools make our lives easier by eliminating half the workload

PPC or Pay-per-click has proven itself to be a star in the world of marketing. A few of you might turn your nose up as you’ll essentially be buying visits to your sites rather than earning them organically when you use PPC, but you’ll have to agree that it is a very successful model and one that your business can benefit from greatly. And you might even feel you’re losing money when you have to pay a search engine to

When it comes to marketing, being effective doesn’t mean just showing the value of your business. It’s also about the customers choosing you over your competitors, which means your business should stand apart from your competition. And while there might several different ways to accomplish this, one particular method stands out as being one among the most successful ways of outranking your competition; and it’s quite simple really you just have to get above them on search engine results pages,