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As bloggers or writers we always seem to be wondering about what should be the perfect length of a blog post! And the pressure is increased and your worries trebled when you’re asked to write an article on a topic like the perfect length of a blog post, a more worrisome burden could not be invented. Phew! So, with all that pressure I’m still going to have to churn up an article which while not be flawless will still have

As a businessman you probably have a lot more important things to do than sit around reading a blog. But what if your business can get a boost from building quality backlinks and increased search results which lead to new customers knocking on your doorstep? Then you should definitely read this guide, because your business can benefit from building quality backlinks and increased search traffic on your website. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use

Business owners have always preferred to use Pay-Per-Click advertising over other means of online advertising to generate leads by enhancing their online exposure so as to increase their conversions and sales over time. And Pay-per-Click has proved to be successful if used appropriately and added to that the easy setup and the ability to get hold of immediate results also makes it a favoured choice for business owners looking for instant advertising. Of course, according to a few reports PPC

A successful marketing strategy’s most important aspect is a buyer persona. You might be say, “Huh, Buyer what? I already know my clientele; I know my target audience’s characteristics and also have a CRM in place. I couldn’t possibly need anything more”. But all marketers need a buyer persona because it depicts your ideal customer. And how do you make a buyer persona? It’s all entrenched in your market research and information about your existing clients.  By defining your ideal customer