‘’By 2021, the global SaaS workload is poised to reach 380 million.’’

The Sass world is going to see a rise in the number of brands that will be entering the Saas market.

And why not?

The Sass industry holds multiple benefits in its hand when it comes to the creation of it. Right from the product being developed to the usage, everything managed by Saas businesses is worked on priority.

Table of Content

1 . Why an investment in the ‘Saas’ industry is a better choice?

2. 13 ways to scale from 0 to 100 customers in Saas

Do you know another priority that can make any Saas business?


Creating a product, understanding the needs of prospects are always going to be there but how can you scale your prospect count to a 100 in an efficient and quick manner?

This is exactly what this article will help you in. The creation of a unique product isn’t enough, getting prospects to invest in it and keeping that count increasing is important and necessary for your brand’s effort.

Find all the tips and information you need to start moving from 0 to 100 prospects for your business.

Let’s get started.

Why an investment in the ‘Saas’ industry is a better choice?

1. Easy to use and understand

As a prospect, it isn’t difficult to understand and start using any Saas products. For instance, the Saas brands offer FAQs, free trials, demos, and more so that prospects can get acquainted with their product. In case of any queries, there is always customer support assistance which can be depended upon round the clock as well.

2. Receive recurring revenue

When it comes to Sass pricing, the pricing model always takes place on a monthly basis which is a great thing because the revenue process doesn’t get stopped. So instead of charging a one-time fee structure for prospects, Saas brands conduct monthly fee structure so that in the end calculating the monthly revenue becomes easier.

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3. Easy integrations

Another great thing about Saas solutions is that it can be easily integrated into your favourite tools. There is no need for any installation of another server or software because, with the Saas solutions, you can easily integrate with your tools without any hassle.

4. Conducts regular updates and feature addition

Another great thing about Saas solutions is that with each product the enhancement and performance of the solution is always better. With the constant updates and additional features, the solution prospects users become more refined with time. This is one of the best qualities of Saas solutions, which helps to retain the interest and attention of multiple prospects to continue using them furthermore.

The benefits are a great way to understand why an investment in the Saas industry is worth business attention. It is now time for you to get into action and start capturing more prospects with the help of the data listed below.

13 ways to scale from 0 to 100 customers in SaaS

1. Start Networking

‘’Every customer interaction is a marketing opportunity. If you go above and beyond on the customer service side, people are much more likely to recommend you. ~ Stewart Butterfield, co-founder – Slack’’

Include your friends, families, and the people they might know. You can’t just keep your product on sale and expect prospects to reach out to you. At this point to avail even one customer on your shelf you need to go all out to understand your prospects better. You can always start with your closed ones.

You never know you may find your ideal prospects who might be friends with someone you know and when that happens selling to them becomes much easier. Join online groups, get in touch with prospects online, and start engaging with them to understand why they need your product.

Remember the rule here is that since you started from scratch, you can’t just jump to selling. You know that your product is great but you telling the same to prospects isn’t going to help either. When you start networking, you need to start engaging with prospects and learn what their pain points are.

‘’Take every opportunity to spend time with your customer. Whether you are a developer writing the software or the marketer telling the story, you must have a firm grip on the problem you are solving from the point of view of your customer. ~ Ross Mason, co-founder – MuleSoft’’

When you understand that, you will then be able to get an idea of how your product can help them, and accordingly when you address it, selling takes place without any hassles. Also, try asking your peers or closed ones to recommend your brand to spread the word because when that happens, the chances to get acquainted with a new prospect is easier.

Pro tip:

  • Make a list of all the people whom you can start networking with
  • Connect and follow up with your connections
  • Go online and use social networking platforms to connect with your prospects
  • Invest your time in understanding prospects pain points rather than selling
  • Focus more on the type of audience you want to sell too

2. Start blogging

‘’Companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites.’’

This is true because blogging is a great way to get more prospects to drive towards your website. Blogging gives you the liberty to speak more about your industry and your product in a detailed manner. When you start to write blogs, you are sharing a good amount of knowledge you have on a topic you’ve written and that knowledge is needed by one of your prospects.

Yes, there are online ads that you can conduct since it is easier to tap the attention of prospects, but did you know they can be annoying too? Some of the prospects even ignore it because they just don’t want to keep seeing it pop up. Imagine how many potential prospects you would have lost just because of this.

Blogging is now considered to be a great source to capture the attention of prospects and guide them towards your website. With the help of SEO tactics such as backlinks, keyword optimization, using high-quality images, and more, your blog stands all the chances for your prospects to find you.

Pro tip:

  • Write longer blogs to showcase more details about your brand, your market, and the solution you are selling. ‘’Bloggers who write articles of 2,000+ words are far more likely to have strong results.’’
  • Conduct research and write on relevant topics only
  • Share your blogs and ask your peers, friends, and family to do the same
  • Make the blog simple to understand and easy to grasp
  • Write relevant information which will make your prospects to continue reading it and land up on your website

3. Be present where your prospects are

In order to understand where your prospects are it is always great to conduct research about them. If you find more of your prospects engaging on social media handles, it is time you are there too. The process is simple, it becomes easier for you to engage with your relevant audience when you know you both are in the same place.

Social media is now becoming the hub for businesses to find, engage, and cater to their prospects. ‘’73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business’’. If this is in the case with you, you being on social media can be a huge advantage for your business.

Not only will you be able to find your prospects, engaging with them, and nurturing them can take place easily. Once that is completed, converting them into sales leads can take place better.

Pro tip:

  • Identify where your audience will be present
  • Engage with them consistently and regularly
  • If they are in groups and communities, join them there as well
  • The purpose of this action is to get acquainted with your relevant audience so that engaging with them becomes easier

4. Send cold emails

‘’89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation.’’ Cold emails are not a thing of the past, even today it can help modern Saas businesses like yours to get more prospects. The count of email users are high, ‘’Email use will top three billion users worldwide by 2020, and 2.9 billion email users worldwide in 2019.’’

Cold emails are a great way to introduce yourself to your prospects and engage with them to learn more about your solution. Sending emails is also a good professional platform for engaging with other clients for the purpose of building up your brand. You can also conduct follow up emails as it will help give you the expected results in reply rates. ‘’Sending more follow-up emails can triple your reply rate.’’

While you send cold emails, also ensure that the email content doesn’t sound like a sales script. The main focus here is to capture your prospect’s attention by understanding what their needs are and how your product can solve it for them. 

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Personalize your emails as much as you can, add the human factor and make it sound that you genuinely want to cater to their needs. There are multiple email marketing softwares that can help you get started. A continuous pattern of such an action can help you get more prospects because the prospects are aware that you are prioritizing their needs over your sales.

Pro tip:

  • Ensure every email being sent is personalized
  • Conduct frequent follow-ups and curate emails according to the prospect status of the emails being sent
  • Write simple, easy understand email content
  • Ensure no grammatical mistakes are spotted
  • Focus more on giving and helping prospects instead of just making sales

5. Give your prospects more free options

Another way to grow better with your just launched brand is to start adopting the concept of product-led growth. This concept stresses more on how your product can be the sales figure. Using your product you can capture the attention of prospects and get them to make their purchasing decisions on the basis of your product experience.

Your prospects won’t invest in you if they don’t find any benefit from your product. Even if you go on to explain the great features about your product, they might not confidently invest in your solution which is why it is important that they witness how your product is by themselves and your team could help guide them towards using your product to the fullest.

You can conduct this action by giving them a free trial or going freemium for your product. They could in a time period use your product for free and understand better how it works and how it can help their business grow. Simultaneously, you can also continue to engage with such prospects by helping them use more features and resolving their issues when they are stuck.

This is a great way to capture more prospects since your product is being highlighted as a strong sales technique to increase customer acquisition.

Pro tip:

  • Highlight your product bigger
  • Makes it easy for your product to be accessed during the ‘Signing up’ stage
  • Display prices which will help the prospects understand the value of the package
  • Focus your engagement with prospects to help them understand your product better
  • To ensure that your prospects are making use of your product well, communicate with them more to understand their needs better

6. Partner with influencer marketing


‘’65% of people discover a new brand or product through an influencer at least once a week (24% say they find one daily!)’’ Influencer marketing is a great way to make your brand’s existence aware in the minds of your prospects. Influencer marketing is growing and by using influencers who have a good number of followers, chances are anything recommended by them will be tried out by their audience. 

’87% of shoppers were inspired by an influencer to make a purchase’’ For instance, if your partner with ABC influencer who has a good amount of audience on its page, the minute your product is endorsed there and is stated that ABC to uses it, there are high chances of your website receiving traffic. This is a great way to capture more prospects’ attention and closing deals become quicker.

Pro tip:

  • Identify which influencer is in your niche and partner only with them
  • Ensure that the influencer you are partnering with has a good audience and is active in its page
  • Observe and manage how much traffic you receive so that you are aware of the influencer marketing performance

7. Invest in content and SEO marketing

In the second pointer of this article, the importance of blogging was explained to you. It’s not just blogging here which can help you capture leads, it is any form of content that you put out for your prospects to understand that you have a product that they need to try out. ‘’72% of marketers say content marketing increases engagement. In addition, 72% say it has increased the number of leads.’’

Content is a powerful medium to tap your audience, say you have posted a social media post about your product. If your content has captured the attention of your prospects, they will stop scrolling and click on the link of your product. With the blogs listed, e-books, case studies, and other forms of content, they will be able to explore and learn about your brand better.

So if you intervene and place pop-ups asking them to sign in to get started with your product, if their interest is still retained with your content, they would confidently go forward. This is the power of content. It need not be too long or too short, just the right words are enough to capture and retain the interest of prospects.

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Making your content even better, your investment in an SEO tool can help. As stated in the second pointer, SEO is a great tool because it helps to optimize your content which can rank the highest among your competitors’ content. Also with keyword optimizations where those keywords are used which your prospects will type to find your article can bring your content even closer to your prospect’s attention.

Content marketing and SEO are long term solutions that can help your Saas business to continue functioning better. It is important that you make use of such a medium-well.

Pro tip:

  • Research and write every content topic
  • Use keywords, backlinks, images, videos statistics to enhance your content better
  • The content should be framed in such a manner that it should help to retain the interest of your prospects
  • Share your content on all the platforms where your prospects are most likely using
  • Keep a track of your content performance to avoid any mistakes

8. Engage with experts in your market

Do you know another better way to capture prospects is learning from the experts? These experts have created their brand name and are considered as a great multinational company in your country or either across the globe. Many of them have learned from their mistakes which is why their success rates are higher.

The Saas industry is growing and it will continue to grow with multiple brands like yours entering the industry. The best way to learn how to sustain the tough competition is to engage with the like minds of your industry. Study them, understand their brand, how they communicate with their prospects, what do their prospects like about the brand and so much more.

All of this will help give you the knowledge you require to get started.

Pro tip:

  • Make a list of the experts in your industry and start connecting with them on any platform they use such as Linkedin 
  • Engage with them to learn about the industry and their views
  • Refrain from using them to promote your product
  • Have a session with them or ask questions to deepen your knowledge

9. Organize and manage your marketing investments

Yes, marketing is important and with the marketing tactics you will be able to capture multiple prospects’ attention but the question here is how much are you spending? Is it too exceeding? You are starting from scratch, right now you have zero prospects and your aim here is to keep pushing and reach over 100 prospects, now if you are going to use your marketing budget for anything and everything how will you manage to experiment further?

It is important that you start treating your marketing budget as an investment portfolio, research, and understand what is working better in terms of marketing and continue to experiment and start capturing your prospects. The market will continue to change and at that moment sudden methods need to be incorporated to cater to your prospects.

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When you are able to organize your marketing expenditure, you are investing in the techniques which work well for your brand hence the number of prospects starts to increase for you. It is with such smart decisions that you are able to cater to prospects better.

Pro tip:

  • Understand your marketing budget better and create a plan
  • Invest in experiments which work for your brand
  • With every experiment being conducted, ensure that you are measuring the results and performance so that the non-performing techniques are being eliminated
  • Keep a closer eye on the market so that any changes can help you plan your marketing tactics better

10. Start being in platforms before your competitors

If you are aware that Linkedin is a great platform to engage better for your Saas business, then get on it and start making use of it. This is exactly what will help you to capture prospects quicker as the competition on that platform is low. What happens is multiple brands start to capture prospects when a platform has grown in demand such as Instagram or Facebook and any other.

Instead of letting that happen, why don’t you conduct your research and understand which platform can help you capture more prospects? Since you operate on a B2B model, Linkedin is one such professional platform to help you get started. Similarly, there might be many new platforms that can be at your assistance, all you need to do is identify them.

Pro tip:

  • Make a list of the platforms you can use to engage with prospects
  • Start experimenting and see the results
  • If a platform has performed well for you, keep enhancing it better to capture more prospects

11. Get in touch with your prospects for your product enhancements

When you have a product it is more likely that you will enhance it further so that your prospects can receive a better experience with it. Do you know another way to capture the attention of prospects? when you start to incorporate their feedback. Prospects are using your product to cater to their needs and when they find something missing from your product, they will share their feedback on the same.

When you accommodate that feedback during your product improvement process, it will make the prospect happier that you are hearing them out and are creating a solution to assist their needs. This will, in turn, make them happy to invest in your brand for longer and will also spread the word helping you get more prospects.

Do you remember the concept Product led growth, you read in the article, this is an example of it. For instance, say you are offering a callback solution to you prospects, there are a few clients who want an easier way to engage with their prospects, so what you do is instead of having your current option where the prospects have to conduct few steps to connect on a call, you can improve it by connecting clients with their prospects in one single click.

This will make your product even better and win over the retention rate of your existing prospects as well.

12. Invest in guest posting

Guest posting is the process of writing for another person’s website. You can add a link so that readers can visit your website. This is done so that new prospects can be tapped. For instance, you could write for a well-established brand and when one of their readers clicked on the link you’ve shared for your website, that is when you can tap them into learning more about your product solution.

Guest posting is slow but it is a good long term strategy to enhance your brand better. An investment in such a solution can help your brand to grow well. 

Pro tip:

  • Engage with brands who accept guest posting
  • Submit only original content
  • Understand the writing style and rules of the brands you are writing about is important
  • Don’t overly promote your brand in the blogs
  • Write with the focus of benefiting the readers
  • Adhere to submission times

13. Invest your time with Linkedin

Linkedin is considered to be a great platform to connect with your peers. It is a great professional communication platform where you can connect with multiple of your audience. On Linkedin, you have a feature where you can send direct messages to your prospects. This will help you to strike a conversation and connect with them better.

Linkedin also lets you connect with your prospects by adding them to your account. You can watch their actions such as the pages they follow, the blogs they comment, the posts they comment so that you can understand their opinions and connect with them better. 

Pro tip:

  • Don’t send multiple messages
  • Conduct follow-ups if needed
  • Don’t communicate for the purpose of selling 
  • Engage with the right prospects who can help add value to your business 

The Bottom Line…

The above details are informative, important, and can easily help you manage your prospect activities.

It is never easy to tap a huge amount of prospects which is why as a brand we tend to invest in multiple options to capture their attention.

 But apart from all of those options, there are still a few sets of options such as the ones listed above that can help you cater to prospects even quicker. When you blend both together, the rise in prospects count for your business is evident.

‘’Today successful companies start with the customer. They recognize that customers spend their time across many channels, and wherever those customers are, that’s where they should be meeting their customers’ needs. And the more information you can learn about the customer, the better you can serve their needs, and the more valuable the relationship becomes.’’

Start applying the prospect scaling factors today and witness a change in your brand growth.

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