The Corona Virus will take some time to bring down everything to normal.

The concept of Work from home shouldn’t let you down in terms of productivity and your brand performance.

There are still many ways you can work from home just like how you would in office.

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1 . 5 Brilliant Hacks for efficient ‘Remote Working’

2. 5 Efficient Hacks For Smarter Productivity

3. 5 Ways to Maintain Your ‘Mental Health’

4. 5 Easy employee management measures for Founders

5. 5 Helpful and Free Work related Tools for Remote Working

6. 4 Ways to kill the Lockdown blues

While the experts are out there tackling the deadly virus, its time you convert yourself into an expert to conduct a smooth working performance at the comfort of your home.

In this guide you will be able to conduct the following actions better:

  • Efficient remote working process
  • Increase in productivity
  • Maintain your healthy mind
  • Management of your team
  • Use of easy tool that makes your activities better
  • Having fun while staying home

Let’s get you started.

5 Brilliant Hacks for efficient ‘Remote Working’

1. Communicate each day

Since your at home, you won’t be able to meet any of your employees for any doubt or to resolve any clarifications. Hence making use of technology will be helpful in this situation. If you have some disturbances in your work, write it down on a piece of paper and address it. The right way to address it is through regular communication.

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Ensure that you and your team are communicating each day so that your doubts will be cleared and what work has been assigned will be clear to you. Regular communication with your peers will solve doubts and eliminate any room for confusion. Conduct regular meetings whether short or long to always stay on track of what’s happening with your work.

2. Clarify every doubt

When you were in office, a simple doubt would lead you to speak to your peers for clarification. Hence being at home might deprive you of seeing them in person but your doubts can still be cleared. Whenever you have any doubts related to your work ensure that they are resolved. Don’t shy away from asking and neither should employees walk away from them. As a team leader, it is important that you ensure that all your teammates are doing the required tasks just as you have asked them to do.

When you make sure that all your employees are on the same page with their work, it becomes easy for the work to be completed and hence increases productivity much better.

3. Have more video meetings

While technology is present in the form of multiple solutions that doesn’t mean you refrain from using the most important. Conducting meetings via chat platforms is inhumane and doesn’t add the right value for your brand. Indulge in more video meetings so that you can see everybody and adds a good human touch towards the process. While isolation is taking place to keep everyone safe from the virus, a small communication virtually can spark positive moods when seeing each other.

4. Segregate your workflow

Work from home might seem easy but it isn’t. The number of distractions is numerous. It can also affect your productivity levels by making you lose more time on unwanted practices such as viewing social media handles and more. Refrain this from happening by segregating your workflow. All you need to do is create your workflow according to its priority and ensure that by the end of the day you complete all of it. 

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When working refrain from using your smartphones or watching tv. When you know you have an important task to complete push that first on your list and complete it.

5. Create a fixed schedule 

A fixed schedule such as what time you will wake up, what time you will start your work, what time you will complete can all improve your performance. When you have a schedule fixed, you will obey it because it is important. You can tick it off once you have completed your work. A fixed schedule will help you to consistently follow it hence impacting your daily actions. Soon, you will be able to remember to start conducting the same action without any difficulty.

For instance, you are aware that at sharp 9 am you need to reach the office and your regular practice has made this possible to keep you on time always. Similarly, it will be easier if you can conduct that same from your home such as logging in at 9 am. The regular practice will help you adapt to that action without any hassle.

Now that you have all the tips to kick start your remote working without any hassles, its time for you to work on how productive you can be while working from home.

5 Efficient Hacks For Smarter Productivity

1. Taking breaks when needed

In-office speaking to your peers, going for a break was fun. But when you work from home you are just working alone and because of this sometimes you tend to get carried away with your work. While this might help you complete your work quicker it might not be good for your health. The most important thing to do here is to take breaks.

When you feel exhausted or have been working for too long ensure that you taking short breaks. A small break of even 5 minutes can ease your tension and can help you to focus better. Your mind needs to breathe so that you can get back on track.

2. Turn off all distractions

Working from home comes along with multiple distractions, friends coming over, a new movie on tv and so much. If you are going to give in, you will not be able to complete your work any day.

Refrain this from happening by ensuring that anything that distracts you is away from you such as turn off your internet, close the door and work, make sure no one disturbs you from your family, go offline so that you don’t have to interact with your peers, turn off any notifications that will make you want to stop your work and check on it.

3. Conduct meetings only if needed

Meetings are great but too much of it is not. When you are conducting a meeting it is always important to understand whether is worth it or not. Meetings take up a lot of the working hours with people joining in and the internet connection and conversing with each one. If there is something important to convey then conduct a meeting.

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However if you feel that the information you want to share can be conducted via an email or a chat platform, do so. The more time you save the better is you able to complete your tasks and increase your productivity performance.

4. Complete easy tasks first

You have a list of tasks that needs to be completed each day. Have you ever looked at it closely? If you observe some tasks that can be completed within a shorter period and some require your complete attention. The wisest action to do here would be to get rid of all the easy tasks that can take a shorter time to complete. 

When this happens you can complete your tasks quicker and for those tasks that require your attention receives all your focus.

5. Time your tasks

Another great way to be productive is to set deadlines. For instance, if you have two tasks to be done set a deadline that before lunch this task will be completed and before 5 pm you will clear of these tasks. When you do this, you are aware of the urgency and hence you ensure that you complete it. Conducting this will help you to increase your performance better and make you give you more room to complete your work.

While you focus on your work, staying indoors for a long time can affect your mental health. It can make your moody, slow and a whole of different emotions running in your mind. When you are not happy within, it reflects in your action, hence while you continue to function round the clock, also ensure that you are taking care of your mental health as well.

5 Ways to Maintain Your ‘Mental Health’

1. Connect more with people

When you sit home all day and don’t engage with anyone that when you start to feel lonely and this loneliness can deprive you of conducting any small actions as well. You must talk to your loved ones each day so that you feel better. Indulge with them, call them or speak to them at home. Have a regular chat so that you don’t feel low or bored.

2. Conduct other activities

After you complete your work staying at home and doing nothing is a big NO for your mental health. You will start to feel low and will not want to conduct any activities. If this happens it will become difficult for you to do anything. Hence once you’ve completed your work, conduct your favourite actions such as painting, playing an instrument, singing, writing reading and so much more. 

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This will consume a lot of your time and will keep your mind diverted from any negativity. You will feel happier and that is exactly how you should be.

3. Take necessary precautions

As the corona virus is making its way in countries it doesn’t get scray. Listening to the news or watching social media can depress you down. However, what you need to understand is that you reading it on repeat is not going to help. What precautions have been stated such as washing your hand regularly, not stepping out of your house, taking care of your health are all that will help you to lower the impact of such a virus. Following them will keep you safe and everyone around you as well.

4. Don’t strain your mind on the news all-day

The news will not stop at least for now about the virus. That doesn’t mean you watch it on repeat every 5 minutes. Experts are working their way to ensure that people are safe. Try watching positive news such as many people have recovered from the virus, this will keep your hopes up.

5. Mediate

Another way to manage your mental health is to exercise or to meditate. Conduct exercises that keep your mind free and healthy. Do yoga, walk in your house, conduct small exercises, meditate for some time. All of this will help you to keep your mind sane and keep your running on a positive note each day. 

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If you are a founder, you are aware that managing a team takes a lot of hard work and with everyone working from home, it takes even more. The following tips can help you conduct an efficient and convenient manner of managing your remote employees better.

5 Easy employee management measures for Founders

1. Create a helpful handbook

Did you know that if you have a handbook with your brand information about every detail, it becomes easier to clarify doubts? This is true because say your workers have a doubt and the person they want to consult isn’t available. This doesn’t mean they stop their work. It would be great if there is a handbook that can answer all their queries related to the brand.

That way they can easily understand their workflow better and serve according to what has been listed.

2. Coordinate your employees accordingly

Now since it is remote working, not all employees will be of the same time zone. There would be some who work in the morning and it will be night in your country and vice versa. Because of this, the work shouldn’t stop. Hence it would be great if you coordinate well with your peers so that the work can continue on a smoother note.

For instance, if an employee logs in by 9 pm which is night for you, you can assign another peer to complete half the work and share the same to that employee stating that the work can be checked in next day. You can also leave follow up messages so that once online, you are aware of the progress of the work.

3. Fixate on one decision-maker

Employees will have multiple opinions on any of the questions you ask them. But in remote working, as stated earlier, there are chances that not everyone would be present in that meeting. Hence you cannot wait for them as it will cause a delay.

Hence it is wise if you set on one decision-maker so that that person can take the opinions of all employees accordingly and then come to a decision. That will speed up the process and enforce work quicker.

4. Conduct transparent actions

The main and most important factor of work from home is that communication needs to be as transparent as possible. If your assigning work to your peer ensure that you are clear about it. Mention in on email and add people in the loop so everyone knows what they are working on, whose help they should take and more.

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The more you communicate transparently with your peers, the better are your chances of working getting completed quicker without any mistakes.

5. Create a communication plan

Since it is a remote working the next important factor you need to keep in mind is that your communication plan with all your employees is intact. Ensure that you have scheduled meetings at the right time so that your employees can communicate with you at that time. If you have missed anyone, you can go on to set another time to communicate with them. Creating a communication plan ensures that everyone is present and aware of what is happening.

Since the virus has taken the world by storm, some brands are offering free tools and offers on their solution so that brands like yours and other users as well can efficiently conduct their work from the home process by having such convenient tools.

5 Helpful and Free Work related Tools for Remote Working

1.  Adobe

Adobe is a solution that offers software design tools and web conferencing. It is offering free access at home for students as well as the teachers with regards to its Creative Cloud suite of tools which will be available till May 31st. It is also offering its web conferencing services for free as well to schools, government agencies, and businesses on a 90-day  license which can run till July 1st. Also, Adobe has created resources in the form of blogs for distance learning so that readers can get an idea of how they can go about it. 

2. Airtable

When it comes to getting organized, Airtable can be your friend. Airtable offers a spreadsheet where you can manage whatever activities you conduct by including long notes, checklists, priority icons and more. It is a solution that can help you understand what you need to do next and to never miss out on any of your events or meetings. All you need to do is just make a note. Airtable is now offering its Airtable ‘Pro’ feature for free for the next three months. This free feature is soon to be applied for students as well. All you need to do is fill out a form and Airtable will get back to you. 

3. Atlassian

Atlassian offers work tools to increase efficiency and productivity. It offers workflows and team collaborations tools so that work can be aligned in a better manner. They are giving away their main products such as project tracking software and confluence team collaboration software for free. This offer applies to a team of 10 people and that too without any time limit. Also, from the educational front, Atlassian is offering a one-year free subscription to its ‘Trello Business Class’ section so that the tutors can easily schedule and manage their students’ coursework and other performance activities. 

4. Blue jeans

The best way to connect with others in times like this is through video conferencing. Blue jeans are offering its video conferencing services to all the NGOs who are taking care of communities of COVID- 19. The software is free for 90 days and it can be extended if the circumstances ask for it. All you need to do is sign up here. Blue jeans are great because in times all like this, connecting with communities and managing this virus becomes easier. There is more room for communication and every activity can work accordingly without any confusion or hassles. 

5. Box

Box is a convenient tool that stresses its focus on storage, cloud content collaboration and simplified workflows for all its users. On such a situation being faced currently, the CEO of Box, Mr. Levie had stated in his twitter, that the brand is offering unlimited storage and data loss protection for free for the next 90 days. Sign up for their free trial and get started today.

Lastly, the work from home process isn’t here for a short time and hence instead of cribbing for the lockdown, you can turn it in fu by conducting the following activities.

4 Ways to kill the Lockdown blues

1. Watch Netflix

A good weekend lockdown can be better when you watch some nice Netflix shows. There are a whole lot of tv shows and movies released by Netflix which is enough to entertain you till the lockdown period. Get Netflixing and chill.

2. Read 

Reading is great because it helps to transform your mind into different places. While technology is consuming all human touch, pick a book and start reading. Explore the stories you wish to read about and get reading and exploring.

3. Conduct online courses

Have you wanted to study more? Did you want to take up a course different from your major? But the reason you couldn’t do it is that you had no time but not anymore. You can now enroll in online courses and enhance your learning for a better career journey.

4. Exercise

Nothing beats a 30-minute dance or a good yoga. Indulge in your favourite exercises and have fun keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy. The more you exercise the stronger you become and the further your away from illness. If you can’t go to the gym, you might as well create your own.

The Bottom Line…

It’s a virus that we can all beat if you decide that you want to stay at home.

Staying at home shouldn’t be boring with the guide mentioned above. 

Remain focused, productive and happier in such times. 

It’s your positivity that will sustain your longer.

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Anushka Pandey
Anushka Pandey